Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring in Virginia

Hello beautiful weather!  
83 my friends, 83. That's right yesterday it was 83 degrees at our house and hubby has a three day weekend- the perfect combination. 

A few weeks ago I purchased discounted tickets to the local Old Cape Henry Lighthouse through Groupon and had intentions of using them before baby Zoey joins us. Yesterday looked like it would be the perfect day to take advantage of our tickets and boy am I happy we did it when I was 6 months pregnant and not in June at 8 months. 

There were quite a few steps up the hill to the lights and then a bajillion more to the top. Mama was tired. 

Maddie charged up leading the way and thought the lighthouse was uber cool. 

Of course we made it to the top and Maddie was done. She saw what she wanted to see and was ready for the next adventure of the day.

So then we climbed allllll the way back down.

 We hung around for all of 10 minutes to take pictures with Miss Whiny Pants.
Hubby managed to read a bit of history about the lighthouse, but really the attention span of our almost 5 year old is about 10 minutes. If that.

Of course hubby's promise of ice cream after the lighthouse only made the child more determined to shove us in the car and get moving!

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Elle Belles Bows said...

Looks like a great day! Love all the pictures! I wish spring would come on back!