Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our Week In Phone Photos- Week 6

We were BUSY this week. The sun was shining all week, the weather was warm and I felt a need to clean, clean, clean. Now all I want to do is sleep, sleep, sleep.

 Saturday Maddie had a build at Lowe's and made an adorable heart shaped music box. No fingers were hammered, it was a good day.

Sunday was the start of my need to clean. With Brandon's help we scrubbed the fridge clean. I ♥ it all clean and shiny! Daddy attempted to teach Maddie how to play checkers too, one can only play so many rounds of Cootie. We opted to have our special Valentine's Day dinner on Sunday too so we weren't rushed when hubby got home from work Monday night. Mad's favorite? The giant frosting covered chocolate chip cookie cake she picked out.

 Operation Clean House continues on Monday with bathrooms and the dreaded playroom. I spent two hours on the floor cleaning out junk. Tons of junk. It's pretty and clean now. Maddie had a special Muffin Tin Monday meal and I had a chance to kick up my feet and relax a bit.
 Tuesday- grocery shopping. We spend way to much time with Madison debating the values of different granola bars. I made some homemade sugar scrub per Martha's recipe from Whole Living- works good, smells bad. Can I just say screw the Girl Scout samoa cookies when I can have the Caramel Coconut Fudge FiberPlus bars, Yum!! Milo 'helped' with laundry.

Wednesday was more cleaning but I also managed to enjoy a cup of coffee and homemade biscotti while Maddie painted. Read a newspaper?! Who knew that could happen! We took our weekly trip to the library too. Despite the gorgeous warm weather Maddie still insisted on dressing like she was headed out on an Alaskan expedition- I was in flip flops.

Thursday we headed to Virginia Beach for Maddie's monthly art class at the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia. This month the kiddos made cakes! Maddie told me to remember to make her wedding cake exactly like the one she designed. Of course art class meant lunch at Chick-fil-a, I didn't complain. Gorgeous weather meant a nice long walk for Milo and a trip to the playground for Maddie!

Friday was busy, busy again. A trip to the zoo early in the morning. An attempt at nap time- I promise our dog does more than just sleep. A shopping trip to Carter's- I am pretty sure baby Zoey is set for a while now! Oh yeah did you see that temp.... 82 degrees!!! We headed back to Virginia Beach to get my Kindle replaced, dinner at Schlotzky's and a gorgeous trip to Mount Trashmore for fun at the new playground! I told you we were busy!


AmyLee said...

i am so jealous of your awesome weather!! looks like a great week :)

TryItMom said...

I am clicking over now for the biscotti recipe and the muffin tin meal- great ideas :)