Thursday, February 24, 2011


You may have noticed the lack of kids crafts here on the bloggity blog and I have to tell you it is not for lack of trying. Instead Maddie has had the attention span of a fly lately. We start a project and then <SQUIRREL!> she gets distracted and things just end halfway through.

Maddie mentioned her desire to make her own Pinkalicious book and asked for paint and paper to work on her book. Well she painted two pages of pictures and then left. I have mentioned it and asked if she wants to work on it and of course I get the usual response of "tomorrow mom". Uh huh.

Here's a goodie just a few weeks past Valentine's Day! We attempted to decorate a wooden heart with layers of buttons. One layer down and she took off. Well.

Now this project may eventually make it to the blog! We are working on some St Patty's Day decorations but Maddie lasted 10 minutes before telling me she needed a break and took off for the playroom.

Maybe it has been the practically spring like weather we have been enjoying or maybe her interests are just changing but the Little Miss has decided the craft closet just isn't all that interesting lately!


Andrea said...

It must be in the air because my Jada is the same the past few weeks.
We have the same pink table and chair set. We love Ikea!!!

Christy said...

R doesn't always follow through either. It helps that C insists on finishing everything he begins because that often inspires her to finish her work.