Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tasty Tuesday- Citrus Fruit Salad

Every Christmas Eve I can guarantee one thing- Pepe's AMAZING citrus fruit salad. 

You would think that my strong love for this fruit salad would mean that I would just make my own instead of waiting a whole year before savoring the delicious sweet and sour fruit in the crystal goblet. But no. I don't. Scratch that, I didn't. Until this year. Maybe its the crazy pregnant lady in me or maybe I just got my act together but really it doesn't matter because all that matters is the fruit salad.

 A little fair warning though, if you don't like citrus fruit you will not like this fruit salad. It's slightly sweet but a bit more on the tart side and it's delicious.

 There will be a mess so be prepared. I used a giant bathroom towel underneath my cutting board and my table still got a bit damp but I didn't have juice dripping on the floor so I consider that a win.

 I don't know if Pepe uses an actual recipe but I didn't. I loaded my grocery cart with piles of grapefruits and just about every orange my store had. Holy crow who knew there were so many different kinds of oranges?! If you know your citrus fruits better than me I suggest only using oranges without seeds but I just bought two of everything. I also found this lovely Pomelo- apparently it's a larger, slightly sweeter grapefruit. It's delicious, add it if you can find it.

 Time to peel and chop. I cut off the tops and tails of all the fruits and then slice down the sides getting off all the skin and pith and only leaving the juicy flesh.

 I didn't go to crazy this time, just a few of everything!

 Time to chunk up all the fruit. Use whatever method works best for you but be sure to toss any seeds you find and try not to get any pith in the salad.

 I tend to slice around the fruit leaving just the center portion that isn't particularly edible and then chop my slices into strips.

 Then my strips into chunks. This method works great of the grapefruits and some of the oranges but others you may want to cut along the segment lines and then chop up the segments.

 The last magical ingredient would be apples. I personally think Granny Smith apples stand up the best in this salad but I had a Honey Crisp on hand too that I tossed in. Still tasty.

 Peel and dice your apples to match your citrus chunks and then toss everything together. Of course the ridiculous amount of citrus will keep your apples from browning!

 Now you eat, and eat and eat. Lots of fiber for sure! This salad is by far my favorite fruit salad and in these cold winter months all the citrus fruit is generally on sale and looking great. Enjoy!


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Oh Yum! I love Fruit Salad:)

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I will be making this very soon. Yum.