Sunday, December 26, 2010

A White Christmas

I was planning on posting some lovely Christmas pictures from our week in Connecticut but our Christmas vacation got cut a bit short because of SNOW. IN VIRGINIA.

Yikes! We weren't planning on driving back home until Sunday and we were diligent about watching the weather all week. As of Friday it still looked like the snow wouldn't be coming until Monday and then Christmas afternoon at my dad's house Brandon looked up from his cell phone and said "We are driving home tonight". Say what now? In a quick weather change the snow decided to hit Virginia on Saturday night and we were in no place to be stranded in Connecticut. We quickly made stops around Connecticut to wish our family a Merry Christmas and then sped back to my mom's for some marathon packing. HOLY CROW did our darling child get spoiled! Trying to fit everything in our car was definitely a struggle! 

After chowing down on some delicious turkey sandwiches and corn chowder (thanks mom!) we managed to get on the road by 6pm. After a long and slow 10 1/2 ride back to Virginia I am thrilled to report we are home, warm and snowed in!

We arrived at our house around 4:30am to an inch of snow and woke up again at 8:30am to about 6 inches! As of 4pm this afternoon we have about a foot in our backyard and it's still coming down pretty hard. 

Maddie enjoyed some afternoon play in the snow after mommy and daddy napped and then napped again! What?! It was a LOOONGGG ride!

We may have a rather empty fridge but luckily our local pizza place will be delivery cheesy goodness to us soon enough!

Next up is movies on the couch, hot cocoa and watching the snow fall... and fall... and fall....

 I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I promise to post actual Christmas pictures soon!


MONICA said...

wowwww,it's wonderful!!!

Shay Bocks said...

Hi there! I've been reading your blog for quite some time now, but I don't think I've ever commented. Your home looks strangely just like the one I used to live in years ago. Do you live in navy housing (BM)?

Amanda said...

Shay- Yes! We are in Norfolk,VA housing right now. Oh how I <3 the central ac during the summer and the fenced in backyard for our tiny dog!

Shay Bocks said...

haha! My Dad was a navy chief and we lived in that exact complex right after it was built - about 12 years ago. I knew you were in VA, but I didn't realize you were that close. We just moved back home to Chesapeake. :) We were quite surprised by the snow, too. I'm happy to see your family got to enjoy it so much!

Anonymous said...

So glad you guys made it back safe and sound! Enjoy the VA snow :-)