Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our Week In Phone Photos- Week 3

Anyone else have this kid? You know the one who has recently decided that they are incapable of eating anything unless it's covered in ketchup. So gross.

Most of the prairie dogs at the zoo this week were hiding but this little guy came out for a photo op.

 80 freakin degrees. Yup that's what we had this week. Argh. Maddie felt it was a good day to mow the lawn with her scooter- she didn't seem to mind the dog poo land mines everywhere.

I made the Thanksgiving pie on Tuesday and ate it on Tuesday. Whatever. It is perfectly acceptable when you are pregnant right? I will use that as my excuse. 

Maddie helped finish getting our sides together for Thanksgiving dinner and by help I mean I found her hiding in a corner shoving handfuls of flaked coconut in her mouth.

Happy Thanksgiving! Our new tradition appears to be enjoying some Holey Donuts while watching the parade!

This is how most of our Thanksgiving was spent- relaxing, cuddling, reading, watching movies and the football game and then we ate. What a perfect day. We managed to stay in pajamas all day too!

 Before I managed to pry my sleepy eyes open on Friday morning Maddie was demanding we decorate the tree. Bonus- my tree lighting skillz are limited but hubby worked his magic (plugged in the lights I forgot) and like magic our tree works again!

She's not crying, she is squinting. I of course had to take a picture of Maddie all settled in to watch Tangled at the theater. Hubby and I thought it was cute and funny, but Maddie of course cried. She cries during every.single. Disney movie. It's the bad guys/girls- they get her every time.

Sadly our week ended with a sick kid. Little Miss has a head cold and she is snotty, and coughy, and whiny. She was thrilled to enjoy a popsicle after choking down a bit of dinner though.


Lindsay said...

Looks like a great week!! I love the squint eyed picture :-)

Day 2 Day Living said...

My son puts ketchup on everything.
Your Thanksgiving was spent a lot like mine. We had dinner very early though because hubs had to work at 1.

AmyLee said...

is it wrong that i think it's cute that she cried at the disney movie? because um, i do that too.

Amy @ babybabylemon said...

I loved coconut when I was a kid. I would eat it by the handful, too!

Alex said...

Maddie is so cute! I just love her hair!

Yeah I was a coconut eater when I was little. Still am, really.... Yummers!!