Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Virginia Beach Day

Saturday we brought Nanny and Poppy down to Virginia Beach to check out an airshow at the Military Aviation Museum. This past weekend was Fleet Week in Virginia so there were plenty of family friendly and free activities scheduled throughout the weekend.

Maddie's lack of sleep the night before was definitely starting to shine through but we managed to make it through the day without too many tantrums!

It was ridiculously windy on Saturday preventing most of the planes from actually taking to the air but we were able to meander through the museum and check out so very cool looking World War II planes.

Now if I had payed attention I could tell you what planes this is but I didn't so I can't. Any who, cool picture right?

There was also an antique car show at the museum with a very cool and shiny Good Humor truck. Ice cream is perfectly acceptable on a cold windy day by the beach when it comes from an antique Good Humor truck! Nom, nom, nom. Toasted Almond ice cream is yummy!

There was quite a few kiddo friendly activities set up all around the museum and when Maddie saw the sticky wall it was top on her MUST list! She was so excited to jump and stick to the wall!

After the airshow we headed to the boardwalk just so that Nanny and Poppy could say they went to Virginia Beach. We finished our evening with dinner at The Cheesecake Factory- oh my! I had never been before but will definitely be back! Rumor had it that a ZombieWalk was also taking place that evening at Virginia Beach but we missed it. We are hoping to head downtown to Norfolk this weekend to check it out there.


Lindsay said...

What a fun day exploring and sharing your new location with relatives :-)

Ashley said...
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