Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Painted Pumpkins

My lovely friend Suzanne mailed me a bit of swag from her amazing trip to The Creative Connection (I was so jealous!) and I was itching to use some of the cool new DecoArt paints she sent. 

 In the mood to craft but with little ambition or even inspiration I decided I would simply use the Glorious Gold Gloss Enamel to paint a seasonally appropriate pumpkin. Ohh sparkly!

I am super cool and all so I hunkered down with Parenthood on Hulu and my fake pumpkin for a bit of quality mommy time.

I love the end result! I ended using about 3 coats of paint because I was obviously too lazy to prime or even slightly sand the outside of the pumpkin. Oops!

Of course Maddie loved me pumpkin and wanted to paint her own. I set her up with Glamour Dust paints in Limelight, Sizzling Red and Sapphire Blue. Maddie was THRILLED to be using sparkly paint on her pumpkin!

While Maddie set to work on her pumpkin I enjoyed the beautiful day, a cup of coffee and a good book. When does that ever happen?!

Maddie was uber excited to show off her sparkly pumpkin as soon as daddy got home!


Anonymous said...

oo very cute! Love your pumpkin.. what a great decoration! Maddie's turned out cute and I love the chill time you got out of it :-)

Kim @ Life of a Modern Mom said...

AWESOME!! Love the pumpkin, the Parenthood on dvr, Maddie's pumpkin, and the coffee and good book! :)

Suzanne said...

Oh MAN, why don't I ever think of crafty stuff like that? Now you have my gold paint and I have boring pumpkins I still need to carve.

Christy said...

SO pretty! I bet Maddie loved that! I posted Reagan's pumpkin today - it's also sparkly, but as the result of tons of glue and glitter!!!