Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tot School

Maddie is currently 50 months old
Tot School

This week we opted against a theme and used a hod podge of activities instead.

Pipe cleaners with number flags: Maddie counted out the appropriate number beads in the correct color for each flag

Flower sorting: Maddie sorted the flower gems {from the Dollar Tree} by size and color

Lots of lapbooks this week!

Maddie was introduced to this week and is now absolutely obsessed with it!

We have turned LCR into a regular after dinner game. Maddie quickly understood the rules and was able to distinguish between her left and right.

More lapbooks!

Maddie loves playing with the Number Train printables. We will be working our way up to number twenty this week.

Balancing marbles on golf tees was a favorite this week.

Maddie also spent some time using the tweezers to transfer pom-poms.

Cutting and gluing were also a big hit this week. Maddie spent quite a bit of time working through a Kumon cutting and gluing book.

This activity was a bit of a challenge but Maddie was proud when she finally finished matching the nuts and bolts.

Patterns have turned into a bit of an obsession with Maddie and she is constantly asking for more pattern strips. Despite how hard I make them she always says they are 'easy peasy'!

Unfortunately it was a bit windy this week so our sun print came out a bit wonky!

Penny the Pig had a bit of a growth spurt this week too!

Our library visit this week was a little late so we spent most of the week rereading all of our dinosaur books from last week.

Maddie was on a bit of a workbook kick this week so we spent quite a bit of time working in her Preschool Brain Quest workbook and with her Brain Quest Write & Erase Phonics Set.


Michelle said...

What a great week I love the nuts and bolts activity. I will have to see if my hubby has some pieces that we can borrow so that Emily will be able to work on that for this week!

The Activity Mom said...

We have that LRC game and I never even thought about playing it with B. Can't wait to try it.

What a fun week!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Thanks for sharing the lapbook ideas! Kerri

Lindsay said...

What a great week! I think the sun print turned out pretty good! I have never done that but we might have to give it a try before it gets much colder!

Mama B said...

Wow, I'm Homeschooling (starting early with my 27mo) and I LOVE your ideas, I'll have to keep up with your blog!

Km said...

What terrifically fun, unique and creative ideas!!!! I clicked over from crafty crow... Your blog is delightful!