Sunday, September 19, 2010

Building With Daddy

I mentioned a few months ago that hubby has taken up a new hobby- woodworking. Currently he has been working on a new entertainment center to go with the coffee table and end table he made this past year. Of course with daddy spending time in the garage Maddie wants to join in and help. Err. Probably not the best idea. I did hear him let her vacuum up but I am sure she may sucked up a few things that were not supposed to be. Oops!

Well on a recent trip to Lowe's my darling husband picked up a fantastic tool kit and woodworking project just for Maddie. Stop by Gadgets, Widgets and Kidgets to see what they built!

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Anonymous said...

oo very fun! This weekend we are redoing and adding on to our deck.. Sammy is in tool heaven!