Monday, August 30, 2010

Mini Golf Madness

We haven't finished our entire Summer To-Do List yet so we are still trying to squeeze in a few things here and there. This past weekend we spent a morning on the mini golf course and Maddie had a great time!

I spy someone cheating!

She would hit the ball and then go pick it up and move it to the edge of the cup every time!

I believe that's called high sticking.... maybe the wrong sport though.....

Cheating in action!

Look there's me!

Pink ball in the water hazard- as expected. Only once though, so not too bad for her first time!

Our little family.

No clue who won. Daddy has horrible hand writing!

We finished up the morning with a bucket of balls on the driving range for daddy- Maddie got to hit a few too!


Christy said...

We are trying to finish up our summer bucket list too. I think mini golf will go on our list next year.

I love the family photo!

Lindsay said...

oo what fun!! Looks like some good cheating fun :-) We are going to the beach next week and I can't wait to play some put put with my boys :-)