Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Maddie is fully aware that we are a Navy family and that means we move. A lot. Okay not that much but in her little 4 year life span she have now lived in three different states. So yeah kinda a lot.

Maddie is super proud that she knows she was born in the lovely state of Washington. And sure isn't shy about sharing that information! She tells everyone!

I figured it was about time for Maddie to have her own Washington state t-shirt to declare loud and proud she was born in Washington.

This was another super simple, 15 minute crafty project for me and I love the results. After raiding my fabric stash {which is growing!} for the perfect pattern I printed out a mirror image picture of Washington.

I traced the Washington shape onto some sewable fusible web {whatever that sticky stuff is called} and then ironed it onto my fabric.

Next up peel and stick and iron onto t-shirt. Like I said- super simple. I have to state here how much I LOVE my table top ironing board. Its nice and small and perfect for crafty ironing, granted that is the only kind of ironing I actually do.

After ironing on the fabric I quickly stitched around the edges to make sure it would hold up in the wash. Clearly my sewing skills are not perfect yet but Madison LOVES her new shirt!

Maddie's other proud accomplishment for the week? Being able to stand like a flamingo. I love my goofy girl!


Christy said...

Oh, I want to do this! I would love to make something big (like a blanket) with all of the states we have studied. Um, I can't sew. I love the idea though.

Anonymous said...

cute shirt! Love the polka dots!

Michelle said...

What a very cute project!! I can't wait to get to some fun sewing projects as soon as Juliette can entertain herself a little better. For now I am just bookmarking everything, I am going to have quite the line up :0)

Suzanne said...

That's adorable! You should add a little star right where she was born - I've seen onesies and kids shirts like that sold on Etsy for like $30 a pop. Maybe it's time to open your shop :)

Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

cute idea! i love this!

Morgan said...

That is ridiculously CUTE!!!!!!! I'm SO making some of these!!!