Tuesday, August 3, 2010

House Tour Part 2

Sorry but apparently this house tour is slow going! Hopefully the rest of the rooms will be decorated soon so that I can show them off!

Next up is the playroom. Oh how I LOVE having a playroom. In the last house we gave up our office just so Maddie could have a playroom and it was a joyous thing. No more toys scattered all over the house all the time! It also means when its time for Maddie to head to bed there are no toys in her room to distract her from sleeping!

A new addition to the playroom this time around is Maddie's dress up corner which has been a big hit. All week we have found Maddie posing in the mirror dressed in all different costumes and pretending to marry her Prince Charming! The mirror, flower light and hanging baskets are all from IKEA. We got Maddie the princess chest for Christmas last year but I can't seem to find the site where we got it. Oops!

Nothing too special in this corner but I love having Madison's artwork framed on the wall though!

How cute are the birdhouses in the window! The low bookcase also proves to be the perfect spot to keep Maddie's toy hamster Pipsqueak!

A few more IKEA items here too! The bookshelf and table and chair set happen to be more IKEA bargains. I go a little crazy every time we go!

We picked up the green shelf at IKEA also which is VERY handy in keeping a little someones hands off of the DVDs and remote. Yes it is necessary- she shoved 4 DVDs in the TV right before we moved, UGH.

And in this corner we have the well used play kitchen from KidKraft, one of the best purchases ever for Maddie! We also just hung up the garland I made in hopes of doing something unique on the giant empty wall- not perfect but good enough for me!

I think this is my favorite part of the playroom though! I found the curtain wire and clips at IKEA of course! Then I ordered the wall vinyl from Old Barn Rescue Company on Etsy! I ended up picking up two curtain wires so I can also hang Maddie's artwork up in my kitchen too!

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