Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Ice Cream Truck!

You would think that because we live in military housing we would see the ice cream truck All. The. Time. But no. Never.

Don't we teach our kids NOT to run to the scary white van giving away treats?

That was until this past week and we were sitting down for dinner. The ice cream truck not only finally drove past our house but decided dinner time was the perfect time to park in front of our house.

Do you not have bottle of glue on your dinner table? huh. Just us I guess.

Not willing to miss him we grabbed cash and ran out the door leaving our dinner behind. Hey, we HAD to mark it off our Summer To Do list!

Of course I had to be mommy and demand that the ice cream went into the freezer until after dinner.

Maddie didn't mind waiting though and it was that extra little push that got her to eat her green beans too!

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