Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Sweet Treat

A few weeks ago Madison and I took a trip to Olde Mistick Village to feed the ducks, browse the shops and maybe have an ice cream treat before 10am. What? We are calling it special day =) There happens to be a Munsons in the village so Maddie enjoyed a hand dipped ice cream bar while I delighted in the deliciousness of there ice cream cookie sandwich. Munsons also happens to have frozen chocolate dipped bananas...one my ultimate favorites!

Due to my over whelming desire for chocolate this week and the fact that I happened to have bananas and chocolate chips in the house I decided it was a fantastic time to make some at home!

Really it doesn't get easier than these. Bananas sliced in half with a popsicle stick. Easy.

Melted chocolate chips. Easy.

I had milk chocolate chips in the house but semi-sweet and dark work just as well too! I like to add just a tiny bit of shortening when I melt the chocolate to thin it out a bit and keep it nice and glossy.
Smooth the chocolate on and then lay them out on wax or parchment paper.

Time for the freezer!

Feel free to sprinkle on nuts, candies, sprinkles, anything! I am a plain Jane kinda gal but we tossed some sprinkles on one for Maddie.

She seemed to like it!

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