Monday, June 14, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday

Two weeks in a row!

I am on a roll....until next week at least! That's right it's Monday and that means Muffin Tin Monday! Despite today being a no theme day I felt a bit ambitious and decided to go a little all American and red, white and blue for Flag Day!

For lunch today we have a mini grilled chicken sandwich with a cheese star. Strawberry, watermelon, blueberry and mini marshmallows for a little red, white and blue mix! Blue raspberry yogurt in a tube and a few red and blue pretzel M&Ms!

We didn't have a chance to do any great flag day crafts BUT I did want to mention the fantastic ideas and printables at Making Learning Fun. I printed out this great flag magnet page and let Madison loose with some appropriately colored star stickers. The magnet pages are great with stickers, dotters, magnets or even pom poms! I have a few different sets of star and dot stickers that I picked up for about $1 each at Walmart and break them out whenever I need to keep Madison occupied for a bit!

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