Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekly Menu Frame

I can not tell you how unbelievably excited I was when I found THIS FANTASTIC framed menu idea at Under The Table and Dreaming! I may have a few touches of OCD here and there and probably one of biggest is our monthly menu.

It drives me nuts if I ask dear hubby "what do you want for dinner" and I get the customary "I don't know". Thus began the menu. Twice a month I sit down with my latest recipe finds, the list of dinner favorites I keep handy and a blank calendar print out. I write out about two weeks worth of dinners and then write my grocery list right from there. Of course we still have the same conversation but now I am prepared.

Usually I post the menu on the refrigerator which is fine and dandy but now I have this beautiful frame to write it on! Of course I can't hang up until we get to the new house but I still ♥ it so very much!


We picked up the frame at Walmart for $5 and I took my handy dandy can of spray paint to it!

I was all for the burlap fabric behind the glass but hubby wanted a fabric that matched our decor better, I can't complain!

I finished up with some cute stickers, on the fabric of course not the glass.

I am so in love!


The Activity Mom said...

I'm in love too! =) I like the colors that you used!

Cassie said...

That is so pretty! I just use a plain old magnetic notepad, but I might have to change that now. Great job!

Christina said...

This is fabulous! I just use a piece of paper for our menu. This would be so much nicer! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Anonymous said...

cute cute cute cute! I need to make one of these! Ours always ends up on a scrap sheet of paper!

Jamie said...

That turned out AWESOME! I just write our weekly menu down on a piece of paper. *lol* Your way is MUCH nicer. :)

Kenzie said...

This is so cute! I saw Stephanie Lynn's too and thought I need to make one of those! Nothing drives me more insane than getting off of work, picking up my kids, walking in the house and my husband asking me what's for dinner at 4:30!

Carissa said...

Sooooo cute! I am soo making this!

Anonymous said...

Do you just use dry erase markers on the glass then? Very neat idea, thank you for sharing!