Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mongolian BBQ at home

If you live anywhere near a Fire+Ice or any other Mongolian BBQ place you know how absolutely yummy it is! I don't know if its the fact that I get to choose each and every item in my dinner or the super awesome giant cook top that I get to watch the chef's cook my food on or even the very cool decor but I ♥ me some Mongolian BBQ!

Last time I wrote the menu for the month hubby mentioned trying our hand at it at home and let me tell you ~ absolutely delish! I suppose that could be because hubby also cooked it!

We went simple for our first time. I chopped up a few different veggies I had in the fridge {carrots, celery, mushrooms, zucchini, garlic, peppers, onions & green onions} and then I sliced some pork chops into thin strips.

From here hubby set to work. We flipped open our panini press so he would have two separate cook tops to work with {you can surely just use a fry pan or wok too} and turned up the heat. We each got to pile on our own veggies which meant hubby had mushrooms and no zucchini and I had lots of zucchini and no mushrooms!

With the pork sliced nice and thin everything cooked up in no time. Right before it was ready to plate he added some garlic teriyaki sauce and some cooked Japanese noodles.

Soooo good!

I have already added Mongolian BBQ to the menu for next month, we are trying it with chicken next!

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