Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jellyfish: the kind that don't sting

Madison has been obsessed with jellyfish lately. No clue why. Whatevs.
Of course when I asked if she wanted to do a project she screamed she wanted to make a jellyfish, but one that doesn't sting. Done and done.

Materials: paper lunch sack, newspaper/tissue paper, masking tape, string, hole punch, paint/dotters/markers, crepe paper and glue.

I happened to have a bunch of white lunch sacks so we had no problems painting over these. Before we began I used the hole punch on the side to make some holes to hang our new friend with.

After I tied on the string Madison crumbled up strips of the Sunday newspaper to stuff it with. I used white masking tape to close - that way we can paint right over it!

Madison went to town with her paint dotters.

While the paint dried I glued a few strips of crepe paper together in a little circle and then glued it all to the bottom of the jellyfish.

Add a few eyes and look at that!


Anonymous said...

cute!! It turned out excellent!

Debbie said...

This turned out so cute!