Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Favorites

Hmmm... let's try something new and see how it goes.

I am so digging Picasa. Have you used it? It's free so check it out. I made my new header with it this week. If you jump over to Clover Lane she has a great tutorial on making a custom header with Picasa.

Umm yeah so those ridiculously addictive Pretzel M&M's are amazing. Salty sweet perfection my friends.

Photo from 9 o'clock Dance of Joy!

Once again I will state that yes I know we are moving but really that's doesn't stop my from buying and crafting more home projects. Look at that beautiful Welcome post from 9 o'clock Dance of Joy! Don't you want one? I think I am headed to Home Depot soon.....

Recently I discovered a new blog that I am now completely obsessed with and want to make every single recipe! How Sweet It Is. Go there now. Be prepared though your stomach may start growling. The Whole Wheat Orzo With Grilled Chicken and Roasted Veggies is fantastic!

Oh did I mention I did another home decor project this week? Nothing big, but uber cute!

Cup from Old Navy. Coasters from Monika Designs.

Old Navy trip this week ended in these super awesome cups $3.30 each! Love em'! Best part is the straw is hard so no crazy chew marks the minute Maddie gets her hands on it!

And how cute are Mad's new $5 Old Navy sunglasses?!?!


Laura said...

OMGosh, seriously?! Chocolate pretzel M&Ms? Oh man, know I have to find them! Where did you get yours?

Jamie said...

Yum, I love those M&M's! Fun post, I love seeing all the crafts you do or want to do. :)

Christy said...

I bought a huge bag of those m&m's at Target! YUMMO!

Love Old Navy!