Sunday, April 25, 2010

Who? What? Coffee first.

Madison's imagination has always been very ......I don't know what to call it. Maybe fanciful? I am not sure what to call it but her imagination is amazing {at least to me!}. Yesterday morning before I had even turned the coffee pot on she was demanding a jar to hold her ladybug.

Umm what? Where did the bug come from? Wait where is it?

Mom! Charlie is right here!!!!
{showing me the nothingness in her cupped hands}

Ohhh I see!
{I need coffee before I can deal with this}

Next with a Tupperware container in hand I heard alllllllll about Charlie for the rest of the morning. She fed him {invisible} grass, provided him with {invisible} water and then proceeded to teach him tricks. Rolling? Check! Sit? Check! Tap dancing? Double check!

Within the hour the one ladybug grew to about 10 ~ not quite sure because the names were being thrown at me quickly. I believe one was named Summer.

What a fun age she is at now. Our tantrums have becoming fewer and fewer and our fun times have been fantastic!

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Anonymous said...

What a super sweet imagination! I love that the lady bug was tap dancing!