Saturday, April 24, 2010

A scooter of her own

Don't get me started - I know she is spoiled. We just couldn't resist this time though.

Hubby and I had been eying the Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter last year for Miss Maddie but never ended up getting it. Then we were browsing at Walmart this past weekend and low and behold there was the absolutely adorable pink scooter - on SALE.

Say no more. Into the cart it went and since then I have only seen the back of my little girl as she scoots past. I even found her yesterday morning riding her scooter completely nude in the living room. Well then.

Madison still hasn't really got the hang of riding her bike but she LOVES the scooter!


Christy said...

My little ones are much better on their scooters than they are on bikes. They love them too.

I saw this scooter at Target and wanted to buy it because it is so pretty, but R already has a scooter - I couldn't justify it. I love it though.

Stacy said...

We got this same one for Bekah this Spring. She loves hers too!