Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I judge a book by it's cover.


It started off with my great love of pink and evolved. Year ago I would browse the library and grab any book off the shelf as long as it had pink on the spine and 9 out of 10 times I would LOVE the book. I am so easily pleased! I have broadened my selections over the years to include any bright colors and fun fonts.

I love to read and always have. It just so happens that I am drawn in like a child to bright colors and things that are pretty. Jane Austen was never my cup of tea but I will read anything by Sophie Kinsella or Jennifer Crusie. Like hockey or live in Washington? Try Rachel Gibson! She cracks me up with her macho hockey players and love lorn ladies. Have a passion for Vampires that also happen to love shoes? Pick up a book by MaryJanice Davidson! Or how about some incredibly awesome lady super heroes?! Try the Bigtime series by Jennifer Estep.

Now don't get me wrong I don't ONLY read book about romance. I am a die hard fan of Jodi Picoult but one can only read so many of her books without falling into a depression! Although I have to say her latest book House Rules may be my favorite yet. I think it is the ONLY book by her that I didn't cry while reading!

Now onto my latest find. Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez. I picked up The Husband Habit at the library on Monday and haven't put it down since ~ go figure that was only yesterday! I was trolling my local library website and adding every single book she has written to my wishlist.

Did I mention I am a bit obsessive too? If I read one book by an author that I love I turn around and borrow EVERY SINGLE BOOK by that author from the library. Maybe a touch of OCD, I would rather call it just being a fan!

As the weather has turned warmer lately I have been enjoying more time relaxing in the backyard with a good book. If you are looking for a fun, light, romantic, easy read try some of these!

Who are some of your favorite author's?


Lisa said...

karen kingsbury is my fave!!1

Cassie said...

You have some of my fave books on your list! I love Sophie Kinsella & Jennifer Crusie!

Suzanne said...

Ha I totally used to just grab the pink books at the library too!! I may have some you can borrow, especially if you're ever in the mood for wedding or engagement stories - I bought every single one from my bookstore. You got most of my favorites but I have to say Jennifer Weiner is THE BEST at the friendship/family/beach read genre. Also she's funny on Twitter.