Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring Wreath Tutorial

Super, Super EASY my friends!

Question #1: The yarn wrapping didn't take toooo long but it still took a while. At first it was realllllyyy slow going but then I got into a groove and was able to wrap the wreath pretty quickly. I add a few dabs of hot glue on the back in a few spots to keep it secure.

Question#2: Ahhh the pretty little fabric yo-yo flowers. By no means are they my creation and for that matter neither is the wreath. I have seen both of them all over the Interwebs lately and fell in love. You can find a ton of tutorials on the Interwebs on how-to make fabric yo-yos. I browsed through a few and then did my own thing.

Step 1: Find yourself some fabric scraps. I used what I had in my craft cabinet but I like to troll the discount end of the bolt scraps at my local fabric store too.

Step 2: Cut out lots of circles. Use a cup.

Or a bowl. I wouldn't go any smaller than a juice glass though. I traced with a water soluble pen but I cut the circle just inside the line so I don't really worry about any marks on the fabric.

Step 3: Tie off your thread with a knot and make sure you leave a bit of a tail of thread so you have something to grab onto later. Use what I believe is called a running stitch all along the edge of the circle, folding over about a quarter inch as you go.

Step 4: See simple! I told you so! Now pull your needle to gather the center of your yo-yo. At this point I usually grab the tail too to help complete the gathering. I suppose you could do another stitch now to secure but I just knot and trim my thread. Flatten out as necessary.

All done! At this point you can leave your yo-yo as is or add a cute button!


Christina said...

SUPER cute! Thanks for posting the tutorial!

jenjen said...

Such a cute wreath. I love those yo yos. So pretty!

Thanks for linking up to my party!!!