Monday, March 15, 2010

Muffin TIn Monday - Green Themed

I don't know why I find these color themes so difficult but it seems that we never have anything in the house that fits with the theme! I digress.

Top: Turkey and cheese sandwich, cucumber slices & more turkey and cheese
Bottom: Green apple slices with caramel, sour green apple cotton candy & more apples

Head over to Muffin Tin Mom's for some more green fun!


Lisa said...

Great tin!! I found the colors hard too!! I can only think of fruits and veggies, and who want just that:)

Kristen said...

Colors ARE hard, very cute tin you came out with.

w said...

dude. colors are hard. which is why when mtm started with colors, i went and bought sprinkles. loads of sprinkles. in all colors. hahahahaah. man. i crack myself up.

sour green apple cotton candy? wow! that sounds fun!

The Ross Family said...

They are hard but fun! I like to find new foods for her to try and I don't really like "cheating" w/ food coloring. The purple/blue will be hard I think.
I like the cotton candy. Great tin!

Lila Jo said...

Hey, I gave your this award because I think you really are a beautiful blogger.
Thanks for inspiring me!

Michelle said...

The cotton candy sounds really yummy!

My solution to the color theme is food coloring lots and lots of food coloring. I like the sprinkle idea too :0)