Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Walk and read

Our local library is participating in a StoryWalk this winter. Heard of it? You can find a bit of information about it here on LetsGo.org. Basically StoryWalk is a way to combine reading and physical activity all in one. Pretty ingenious!

Madison and I headed to our local track and walked a half mile as we read The Big Storm by Nancy Tafuri.

Madison loved it! It was a bit chilly and a bit damp but we still had a good time.

Even better the book ends at the giant playground!

Check with your local library and see what they have go on. We head to our at least once a week for story time, crafts and children's programs. Best of all - FREE!

1 comment:

Nancy said...

Dear Amanda,

I am so happy you enjoyed the Story Walk and the The Big Storm A Very Soggy Counting Book!

All my best,

Nancy Tafuri