Friday, February 12, 2010

A room of her own

We recently did a little rearranging in her our house and the biggest most wonderful change is a new playroom for Madison! We have three bedrooms and used to use the third bedroom as an office but with a slight suggestion from hubby I jumped on the chance to turn it into a playroom.

Please excuse the mess since you know it is a playroom and will probably ALWAYS be a mess!

It is nothing fancy right now but it works wonders! We will be moving later this year so I am sorta in a bit of funk where I don't want to hang up pictures or decorate knowing that I am going to have to take it all down in a few months. Can you blame me?! So for now the walls are practically empty but Madison could care less because he has a whole room devoted to her toys and books.I am soooo happy we made the conversion! Not only because there are no longer toys devouring my living room but bedtime has been a little better too since there are NO toys in her room to distract her anymore!


I did make ONE decoration though because I fell in love with the New Year's Garland posted on The Purl Bee. Really how can you not love it?!

It worked out perfectly too because I just ordered these gorgeous colors of felt and had no particular plan for them!

The whole banner took about an hour to make which includes cutting and sewing. I am so in love that I want to make more, and more and MORE!


Jamie said...

How exciting that she has her own playroom! It looks like a lot of fun. And I love the decorations you made, too cute!

Sheena said...

Having a room dedicated to just toys and kids is wonderful to have. Just close the door when you have guests over so they don't see the mess! Love the garland; I started decorating our playroom in circles so this would be perfect!