Friday, February 19, 2010

My Budding Artist

I have been a bit absent this week, sorry! Madison is on Winter Break and our home has once again been infested with germs. Yuck. I think the only way to get all three of us healthy at the same time would require dipping our entire home in a vat of Lysol. Hmmm....

Anyways! We did make a super special shopping trip this week and ended up with some great finds. Our local IKEA isn't really all that local so we don't go very often but when we do I am in heaven!

Here are a few of our great finds:

Madison has now been upgraded to an adorable table and chairs set in the playroom. Tea Parties may now commence!

This cute little set is actually meant for the kitchen but works perfect above Madison's new table to hold crayons and markers!

Madison found this adorable watering can and I figured it would be perfect for her growing collection of fake flowers.

We also picked up a variety of storage containers and a new bookshelf for the playroom.

BUT the best deal of all was a super cheap art easel featuring a chalk board, white dry erase board and paper roll holder. Madison has spent a few hours every day since painting and drawing! I ended up ordering some no spill paint cups just to accompany the easel. For $15 this was by far the best deal! Now I just need for figure out what to do will allllllll of her paintings!


Georgine said...

Try vitamin D. I swear it keeps us healthy. I give it to everyone. The three year old, the 6 week old, the husband and me. Mike and I take 2000 -3000 IUs. The baby gets 400ius, and B gets around 1000. Knock on wood - I have been the only sick one, with one cold after Thanksgiving. And, I love Madison's new playroom. It helps when all the mess is contained. Well,I think it would help, B spreads hers out all over the house.

Michelle said...

We got the same easel and love it, it was such a great price!!

Laura said...

I love IKEA and we were supposed to get one here in Colorado but, due to the economy, I'm guessing it's been tabled. You really found some cute stuff!

Gabriele said...

We love IKEA! We have the same easel and LOVE it! I love those table/chairs too, but we just don't have the space at the moment :( I have wanted them forEVER, LOL
I have IKEA stuff all over my house...that place is ADDICTIVE! LOL!

heather said...

We have the exact same table, chairs, easel and art paper roll...but I am still envying those storage containers on the wall. Good find!! I often say that I'm glad our nearest IKEA is two hours away!