Tuesday, February 9, 2010

LOVEly Flowers

We tried teaching Madison how to use scissors are few months ago and she was getting very discouraged so we set them aside and decided to hold off a bit.

Well she caught on and is a cutting fool now! This project was perfect for her to practice her cutting skills. I drew a half heart on some folded pieces of paper for her to practice cutting and she was so proud of herself when she saw she cut out a heart!

That's what I said when Madison finished her vase of heart flowers; just adorable!


Our Little Family said...

This is TOO cute! I don't think my Maddie could cut them out (well, I KNOW she couldn't! Ha!) but I think we'll have to try this one! She loves to glue so maybe I'll cut and she'll glue. Thanks for giving us an art project idea today!!

Nf1andprek-whisper said...

i am going to post it monday but my class made vases for the letter V and we made heart flowers a bit different but you might like it, the kids all cut the big hearts and the small heart petals i use a paper punch for.