Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pretty. Pink. Glitter.

Oh yes all of the above. I picked up two little wooden hearts a few weeks ago at the craft store and figured Madison could spend a little time painting them up for Valentine's Day. Of course they are pink, and of course they have glitter!

Instead having them shed glitter from now until eternity I gave them a quick coat of ModPodge before we added magnets to the back.

Of course now I am thinking these would be even handier if I glued clothes pins to the back and THEN magnets. My bad. Still cute though and fun for Mad. What's not to love? Pink. Glitter. Paint. All good!

hmm I think some cute little bows would look just adorable! Time to dig through the craft closet!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

We glued clothes pins on the back of the Christmas tree magnets that Emily made and it was amazing...definitely a good idea for the future :0)