Sunday, December 6, 2009

The True Spirit of Christmas

Of course Madison is super excited that Santa is coming to her house {she tells EVERYONE!} but I also want to help Madison understand the true meaning of Christmas.

Last year I picked up an adorable foam nativity set on clearance after Christmas and Madison had a wonderful time putting it together. We talked about all of the people included and the story of baby Jesus' birth.

I also picked up a wonderful book at the library this week called A Baby Born in Bethlehem by Martha Whitmore Hickman. I was a little nervous that the book would be too long for Madison to sit through but she loved it! It felt wonderful to read her the story of baby Jesus and answer all of her questions along the way. This book will be added to our must buy list and will be a Christmas tradition for years to come.

We did assemble an Advent wreath this week too, although I am bit late posting about it! Madison is proud of it too! The wreath is proudly presented in the center of our dining table where we eat by 'candle' light every evening!


Debbie said...

Such a cute Nativity set! I like the idea it was out of foam so Maddie could put it together!

Michelle said...

I love the nativity, I will have to look for one on clearance for next year. We have our Advent Wreath in the middle of our dinning room table too. We have a really cute song that goes with it too, i have it on my blog if you want to check it out :0)

Raising a Happy Child said...

This is great that Maddie absorbs some of those lessons. We had some discussions about baby Jesus and read books, but since we are not religious Anna is not really "getting it". As far as she is concerned Christmas is about decorations.