Saturday, December 12, 2009

I Heart my preschooler...


She has hid my cell phone

Stolen my shoes

Stripped the leaves off of her pretend tree house

Snuck out of her bed EVERY night for the past 3 months

Told me to throw her toys away because she wasn't going to clean them up

Wasted countless bowls of cereal

Dumped a bowl of popcorn on the floor

Flushed 2 rolls of toilet paper


She also told me I was a 'Great mother'

Thanked me for making her lunch every day

Sang her 'Baby Jesus' song to her baby dolls

Snuggled up with me to read Christmas books

Gave me hugs and kisses and told me she loved me

I love her with all of my heart - I really truly do but some days I need to scream. Some days the tears well up in frustration. I know she is pushing boundaries and we are trying are darndest to work together and get through this tough time. Even though we have some REALLY tough days my heart always warms when I kiss her goodnight before I go to bed. She is the little baby that I carried around for nine months, she is my little miracle.

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