Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fancy Nancy Style!

We are headed to a surprise birthday party tomorrow night and we picked up the guest of honors favorite bottle of wine as a little gift. At the liquor store I perused the packaging options but they all seemed a bit cheesy so instead I stitched up a cute little reusable wine bottle sack at home.

As you all know I am 100% a beginner with the sewing machine and frankly this was easy peasy! I layed out a scrap of fabric that looked like it would work and pinned it around the bottle of wine for a nice fit. With a few quick stitches it looked great! If I was a little more on my game I would have stitched the ribbon right on but eh I make mistakes!

I will definitely keep this in mind for the holiday's next year! Plus I am sure you could plenty of fabric options from the scrap bin at your local craft store!


The Mumpowers said...

Very cool! I just ordered a sewing machine yesterday (I've never even touched one before) so I'm looking forward to trying cute little things like this. I'm nervous, but I can't wait to try.

Sherry said...

very nice! I will have to keep this in mind for our hostess on Thursday evening, I am too a beginner sewer, but am loving it!

Crystal said...

Too cute! Looks pretty easy, too. Even I might be able to accomplish this. lol.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Please stop by JDaniel4's Mom. I have an award for you.