Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A New Journey

I may not have actually made anything substantial yet but I am falling in love with my husband's my sewing machine. Over the weekend I discovered Julie at Joy's Hope would be doing a Scarf Along and readily signed up to learn a new skill. Since then I have been trolling Etsy daily for pretty fabrics and dreaming about all of the amazing things I am going to sew with my old school machine. Stay tuned - I am sure I will incur some sort of injury in the coming months!

In the meantime let me show you what I have found!

First if you haven't been by Joy's Hope you are seriously missing out! She is amazingly creative and I always love what she makes, plus her blog is super bright and colorful! What better way to start your morning than with a strong cup of coffee, a child screaming in the background and some beautiful projects on your computer screen? No? That's just my house? Okay...


Recently I also came across Sew-Fantastic, I have been intimidated to even click on her tutorials but I am feeling confident today and just may visit a few! And right now at Sew-Fantastic there is a Hawthorne Threads giveaway! Stop by before November 14th and enter to win some GORGEOUS Holiday fabric!

And that brings us to Hawthorne Threads.....fair warning- do not visit unless you want to spend money! hehehe I am in love with Wild Thyme, Studio E Holiday Magic and Girl Friday collections! I am brainstorming all of the all to ambitious projects I can do with them! There also happens to be a giveaway at Hawthrone Threads through November 16th.

Oh and did I happen to mention how freaking excited I am about the fabric I ordered from MaterialGal? So excited! How adorable is this stuff! If you happen to join in the Scarf Along you can also grab the correct and beautifully matching fabric right from MaterialGal!

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Suzanne said...

I predict we will both be wearing our new scarves with pride the next time we see each other!