Sunday, October 4, 2009

Organized Chaos

When you walk in our front door you walk into the living room. In our house the living doubles as a playroom, not ideal but we have made it work for the most part. Madison has a corner with her play kitchen and dollhouse set up and she is pretty good about keeping her things in that corner. That being said we also have a nice size set of cubbies that are always a mess.

The original purpose was to keep Madison's crayons, coloring books, daily Play Trays and library books organized. Unfortunately it turned into the 'I will shove everything into a teeny tiny cubby hole' spot. Today I decided no more. I tore everything out and reorganized.

I have high hopes that things will stay this way but who knows! Now there is a slot just for Netflix/Gamefly, library books, the family binder, Play Trays #1, 2 and 3 and crayons/markers.

I ♥ my label maker!

How do you keep your kiddos organized?


Laura said...

I don't. Believe me, I've tried but just haven't found a system that really works for us yet. I'm coveting a cube system--similar to yours but you can arrange the cubes any which way and then add those fabric bins to hold clutter. I envision adding photos to the outside of the bins so that my girls know where things go. Right now, we just have several toy boxes and a set of plastic drawers. SOOOOO not working.

The Harrisons said...

My son is only 11 months old so it's pretty easy for me to keep his stuff organized so far. I also have cubbies in my living room that I keep his toys in. He pulls the toys out that he wants to play with and I just pick up after him all day long. :-)