Saturday, October 10, 2009

Borrowed Halloween

It's October that's for sure! The blogging world is full of inspiring Halloween ideas and here are a few that we recreated at our house.

Moments of Mommyhood: Ghost & Pumpkin Candle Holders
Sandy at Moments of Mommyhood has now turned me onto a new found passion for decorating glass jars with tissue paper!

How cute are these little guys! I am already planning Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter....we need to eat more jelly in our house I am going to need a lot of jars!

Chasing Cheerios: Halloween Silly Putty
Melissa at Chasing Cheerios has been making homemade silly putty with her little girl and I was eager to join in the fun!

Madison LOVES this stuff!

FYI: It DOES come out of clothes in the laundry!

Make and Takes: Googley Eyed Green Blobs
Marie at Make and Takes made the cutest green blobs ever!

I did change things up just a bit though and used super glue to adhere a few eyes to the side of the jar before we poured in the corn syrup.

What a cute little multi-eyed blob!


sandy said...

They all look great! Those googly eyed green blobs are so cool!

Pink & Green Mama said...

So cute Amanada!! Very festive and fun : )
We'll have to try that silly putty.

Madame Menu said...

I love the jack-o-lantern candles. I'm totally going to make those. Very cute, man!

Morgan said...

What a cute idea! I'm totally stealing the green blob one for an activity at our Halloween party!!

Stacy said...

So cute! I can't wait to try some of these!