Monday, September 21, 2009

No more energy.

3, Oh how I hate thee

I don't know what happened but when Madison turned three she also gained another personality. Every single day without fail there is at least one all out kicking, screaming, crying tantrum.

This morning's tantrum started at 9:00Am. "No I am not getting dressed. I am not leaving the house. I am staying home with Milo. You can't make me."

Oh yeah? Watch me!

She continued to throw her tantrum as I wrestled her pjs off and got her in clean clothes. She was in time out as I brushed her teeth and hair. I didn't say a word to her as I strapped her in the car seat and drove to AC Moore. I thought we finally reached a truce for the day before we got out of the car. I promised not to yell if she promised no more tantrums.

Liar, liar pants on fire.

The rest of the morning went relatively smoothly. Lunch rolled around she ate none of her Muffin Tin Monday meal. Fine, whatever, I don't care. Nap time, my only little tiny bit of solace in the day.

Maddie gave up napping around last winter but I have been able to slowly get her back into the routine of it because boy does she need them. I thought I found the secret magical trick!! I started letting her sleep in my bed with no toy or book distractions to keep her from her much needed rest.

Well my bedroom is apparently not doing it anymore. I had to go upstairs 4 times this afternoon. She turned on all the lights in the room, turned on the clock radio and was playing in my closet. Enough is enough back to her room she goes.

I am currently sitting in the office typing with shaky hands because I am sooooooooo tired of this. I just filled a garbage bag with all of the stuffed animals she blocked her door with and tossed all of her books into the big hall closet. Extreme? Probably but I don't know what else to do.

I hear silence in her room right now and my fingers are crossed she is actually asleep because I can't take anymore of this. Please tell me I am not the only one with a child like this! She does have her good moments but lately the naughty side of her has been greatly out shining my lovable giggly girl.

I am at the point where I want to kick and scream and throw a tantrum. Yes I did try that once and it didn't work she just worked harder at out screaming me. Time outs are the only tools in my mommy belt and at the rate she going she will spend the entire day in time out.

At this point in the game I am so emotionally drained at the end of the day I just want to crawl in bed and hope and pray the next day is better. I do have hope it will eventually get better but apparently today is not the day that it does.


Tamara said...

I think all 3 year olds are like that. We have been trying to curb Billy's tantrums and misbehavior for a while now. I am sure it is just a phase that will take time, but man is it frustrating! We've tried all kinds of things too, time outs, taking things away, don't worry, you're not alone. :)

Jennifer said...

You are so not alone, some days DH tells me he thinks we have the worst 3 yr old in the world... I tell him he's wrong... has he met EVERY 3 yr old on the planet?? lol Our daughter drives me crazy and I mean to the point that I cry out of frustration becuase I don't know what to do with her to get her to listen and cooperate with me. I swear I would pay her if it would help... sadly it won't I've tried lol. I'm thinking about trying a super nanny technique of having so many smily faces at the begining of the day and when misbavior happends then they loose a smily and when they keep them all day they get something special (time with you, desert, a game, a book read something) this may help to inspire her but I don't know.... GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS!!! and don't forget it won't always be this way.

Stacy said...

Oh my goodness, I was just going to post this exact same thing! So, you are not alone. I just had flowers delivered and said to Bekah, "look how pretty!" She tried to knock them over! So, she went to time out for that. I find myself yelling, but I know that is not getting anything accomplished. I had all these fun activities planned for today, but nope, she doesn't want to do them! Agh! She finally crashed on the couch. She had also given up naps, but thankfully took one today.

Izzie, Mac & Me said...

Your post made me laugh out loud...I really needed to laugh today. We are having one of those days too! Izzie just turned three two weeks ago and I'm already seeing a huge difference in her attitude. By the end of the day when my husband gets home, I'm in such a sour mood and exhausted from a day of power struggle, tantrums, and time-outs (I wish I could have a time-out). As I'm typing this, I look over my precious little one has a mouth full of animal crackers, while jumping up and down on the couch...did I mention, she's also screaming and the crackers are all over her and the couch too. Round to see who wins!

Pattie said...

From a Mom of a newly 5 year old. That phase WILL End. Might not be tomorrow but we've all been there and understand. Did you not get the memo that 3 is worst then should be called terriable 3's not 2's.

The thing to look fwd to is that at around the 5th birthday talking back and major attitude tends to shine through. We are back to major time outs for talking back/not listening and just doing pretty much oppitsite of whatever he is told..Just testing new boundries both here and there. I wish you the best of luck.

Our Little Family said...

Oh, I'm so, so sorry. And here I was, thinking that age three would be BETTER for behavior! :-/

My Maddie is in her room right now napping, and by "napping," I mean screaming Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star at the top of her lungs and throwing stuffed animals and dolls over the edge of her crib. I know she WON'T nap before we have to leave to tutor but I MUST HAVE A BREAK.

I'm not helping here, but I'm sending you a virtual hug. :) We've had three time outs this morning which is not good and to be quite honest, I'm looking forward to my couple hours of work this afternoon! Hang in there.

BranFlakes said...

Yep, 3 is that way in my house too! It was with Aiden and now is with Alyssa. It is NO fun!! And as it turns out, girls are worse than boys in the fit department, here anyway.

No advice other than it does go away after awhile. Just know that you are NOT alone!

Laura said...

I can totally relate to your post! Cara turned three in July and has her many, many terror moments where I want to find a boarding school to take her. If she doesn't feel like napping, she'll destroy her room and has broken blinds, colored on walls, emptied her drawers and things like that. I have told Cara that it's a good thing that she's cute & that we love her or she'd be out with the trash. Thankfully, we have the good moments to remind us why we put up with the bad! Hang in there, it gets better in oh...15 years! LoL

Jenny said...

Deep breath :) this post is soooo true something does happen when those girls turn "3"...I'll let you know how turning 4 goes :)

Kim said...

Thanks you so much for writing this post! My daughter had an hour long breakdown/tantrum this morning because she didn't want to get dressed. AHHH!!! I thought I was going to lose my mind. You are not alone. I hope she took a nap. :)

Heather O - Mom of 3 said...

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