Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cookies and smiles

Hubby has a crazy schedule this week and hasn't been home to tuck Madison in every night.* UGH. Maddie had a really rough time with it last night so I figured I would try to brighten the afternoon with some fun in the kitchen with mommy.

While Madison napped (yes she is doing that again!) I whipped up a quick batch of sugar cookies. I ♥ those quick package mixes! They are great (and cheap) to keep in the cupboard for last minute guests and an afternoon pick me up with the little ones.

When Mad woke up she set to work frosting and sprinkling away.

and sampling of course!

*Let me tell you! If last nights complete and utter meltdown is anything like what I am due to see when my husband goes back out to sea I will be a MESS! I'm thinking I may have to start researching the best ways to deal with separation when daddy goes away.

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