Sunday, September 20, 2009

Boob Tube Heads

5:00 - dinner served
5:30 - dinner clean up
5:45 - Madison runs around like a wild child getting out the last of her energy
6:30 -Potty, Pull up, teeth brushing, pjs, book & bed for Madison
6:50 - Pjs for hubby and I
7:00 - Popping popcorn & getting beverages
7:30 - TV is on and we are set for an evening of Primetime Television Goodness

Photo by dailyinvention

That's right tomorrow night starts our routine until next summer, hubby and I will curl up on the couch for some good old boob tube time together. Before I get into our great obsessions let me first give the appropriate farewell to our canceled favorites from last year.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles ~ I have never seen a single Terminator movie but boy did the show rock and a little David Silver (oh yes I watched 90210) was great too

Knight Rider ~ C'mon! A talking car is just awesome and a talking car with a hot driver is even better

Lipstick Jungle ~ You sucked me in and then left me hanging, I feel sad

Battlestar Galactica
~ I have no words just tears

Eli Stone
~ Why were you canceled? You had it all! What other show offers Broadway musicals in burning buildings?

The Middleman
~ You were an amazing show and never given a true chance

~ Oh how I will miss you and your crazy devilish ways

Pushing Daisies
~ That poor man was never able to eat his oh so yummy looking pies!

Before Madison we really didn't watch much television but with a baby in the house and no family around (we were living in Washington then) there wasn't much else to do but watch a little tv. Of course Madison is older now but she still goes to bed rather early so we are hooked. We watch so many shows I have to make a spreadsheet when the Fall lineup is available on!

We will be giving a few new shows a shot this Fall but we have been getting rather picky with our choices lately. ABC seems to be trying to replicate the CBS Comedy Monday lineup on Wednesdays. Hank, The Middle, Modern Family and Cougar Town are all programed in but I am not so sure ABC can bring the funny like CBS. We are also going to give Eastwick a shot this year. I love quite a few of the characters and hubby and I have a bit of a thing for the supernatural so fingers are crossed it lives up to our expectations.

We did give Vampire Diaries a shot last week but couldn't make it through the first ten minutes. Goodness. The CW really needs to shake things up over there and get off of the cheesy teen dramas. Community also premiered this past week too but we are still on the fence about it. I love Joel but it wasn't laugh out loud funny yet but we will give it another week or two before we give it the boot.

Do you have any shows you are really looking forward to this Fall? Criminal Minds? YES please! Anything new you are excited to see? How about a show that isn't really making the grade anymore? Umm Heroes that would be you. Share please!


Kim said...

We are excited for Dollhouse and Smallville. And of course the old favorites like Law and Order SVU. :) We are the same, really started watching Primetime after we had Molly who goes to sleep at 7:30, lol, it's such a great way to unwind.

Georgine said...

PLease tell me Maddie doesn't take a nap. Bed at 6:30? WOW! Does she wake up early? Even if B doesn't take a nap we are lucky she is asleep by 8:00. It is usually 9. Then we go to bed to.

Needless to say, we keep our TV watching to a minimum. No True Blood while B is awake. We liked stuff that got canceled too. Pushing Daisies, LIfe on Mars, LIfe, Dirty Sexy Money, Reaper. I'll watch Smallville, but only because i have the years invested. Oh, we watch the Office, Grey's Anatomy when I can deal with the obscene amount of drama, Curb Your Enthusiasm, And I am sure there is some cable show I am forgetting. We usually have a show for every night of the week.

Hey, I read Supernatural is what Heroes should be, have you watched that?

Anonymous said...

We are early to bed too!! I am a firm believer in this!! My kids are up at 6am and in bed by 7 or 7:15... kids need lots of sleep to be healthy and able to make it thru their day! Plus Mommy and Daddy need down time too!!