Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mommy Moments

I have been brainstorming ways to freshen up Funny Days and finally decided that it is time to share a little about the mommy of Mommy and Maddie. You all know plenty about Mad as she is the center of the universe, at least according to her, but not so much about me! As a new occasional post I will share a little about me; my hobbies, my life, my favorites.

Presenting:I thought the best look into me would be a glimpse into my purse, really that is the best way to know about any woman. My purse bag is my life, and at the moment Mad's too. We are long past the stage of needing a diaper bag yet still in diapers so I carry around a giant bag o' stuff.

The top secret contents of the green bag:
  • wallet
  • blackberry, or pinkberry as it is so fondly named by me
  • Off! bug wipes for the dog park
  • keys
  • key chain with random store cards because they can't be near my house key or it deactivates it ~ darn smart key
  • Mad's painting from story time at the book store
  • yo-yo
  • coupon book
  • check book
  • 2 pens
  • GUM Soft-Picks for on-the-go between-the-teeth cleaning
  • diaper
  • teeny tiny Winnie the Pooh kite
  • 2 10cent stamps
  • glasses case
  • mini black Sharpie
  • watermelon Air Head won at the roller skating rink a month ago
  • Big Y silver coin
  • 2 bobby pins
  • a pencil case containing: deodorant, hand sanitizer, baby suntan lotion, more Off! wipes, more bobby pins, a pair of earrings, my class ring, 3 hair elastics and a random stray silver bead
I don't have anything exceptionally odd in my bag currently although carrying around my class ring is a little out of the ordinary!

Please share the odd treasures hidden at the bottom of your bag!


dnelms said...

I just started carrying meat tenderizer because it is supposed to be good for bug bites and stings

Michelle said...

I just cleaned out my bag a few minutes ago...I had a spoon and a toothbrush.

The Harrisons said...

I keep my purse fairly empty. I do have a diaper bag, but I only use it if we are going to be out of the house more than a few hours.

In my purse at the moment: (Nothing strange so I'll just list it all :-P)
My wallet
2 diapers
Pampers wipes in a looney toons case
A binky
An empty baggy (it usually has puffs or some other kind of snack for my son)
A bib
And one of my son's toys (a musical key chain)

And before I leave I always throw my cell phone in there and grab my keys! :-)

Fun post! :-)

Georgine said...

Love this! I Really don't carry a bag or purse - at least not everyday. I leave the house with my iPhone and my wallet (a nifty little square thing that holds my debit card and license as well as a couple more cards (Borders, B&N, insurance cards) and a Kleen Kanteen filled with water. IF I head out for the day (LIke to my moms) I bring a large purse with extra underwear (for B, not me), fruit, a bar (like a rice bar), and a zipper bag that holds lip balm and hand sanitizer and a hair brush (but now I want to add a small deodorant), and my phone head phones. ANd maybe my camera.

Can't wait to read other responses!