Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lots O Bugs

There comes a point in the day where I need to get things done and Maddie needs to entertain herself. Of course I could flip on the TV while I do laundry and clean the kitchen and frankly Maddie would be perfectly happy with that but I do try to engage her in an activity that needs little to no guidance from me.

Over the weekend we happened to drop in on a Kidget's Event at our local mall and Maddie made a bug jar! So when it was time for mommy to get mommy things done I grabbed the bug jar, a small magnifying glass, construction paper and markers.

I gave Mad the mission: inspect the bugs and draw what you see! Super simple but I didn't hear a peep out of her for a good hour!!! She sat at the kitchen table intently inspecting her bugs and drawing. Sure she is a little young to be drawing exact replicas of centipede's but she was still darn proud of her work. And the best part, she said she was just like Sid from Sid the Science Kid!

As a side note if you have a Simon Mall in your area I HIGHLY recommend joining the Kidgit's Club! We have been members for almost two years now and Maddie gets super excited whenever we go to an event! Our membership is $5 a year and we have at least 2 events a month with lots of freebies and fun activities for Mad!


The Mumpowers said...

How cool! Hopefully we will have a Simon Mall by us when we move in a couple of years.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of a Kidjit's Club. Is there a store? A kiosk? Clearly I don't get to the Crystal Mall very often.

Christy said...

I have never heard of this club. It sounds great. The nearest Simon Mall is a bit of a hike for us, but I'm going to think about it. Thanks.