Sunday, August 16, 2009


The Poppy Jalopy 4600
The latest in robot technology by Maddieola Industries!

You can laugh, it's okay! A week ago (or so) Maddie and I made a robot out of a plastic cup and she was in love. Whenever someone stopped by Maddie had to show off her robot and how it "works". Last weekend my mom and stepfather stopped by and of course Maddie showed off her robot, then when we asked Poppy (my stepfather) what he wanted for his upcoming birthday he said a robot. YESSSS! I was at a loss for what to get/make him that this was perfect!

With a quick trip to the recycling bin and craft cabinet we were able to gather our materials.
Materials: Tin foil, empty butter box, yogurt cup, tissue paper, rocks, buttons, beads, pipe cleaners, straws and LOTS of glue!

This turned into a big family project at our house. We spent most of Wednesday afternoon at the kitchen table diligently working on the Poppy Jalopy 4600.

I have to say possibly the best contribution was daddy's wheels! That's right, the robot rolls!

A robot surely isn't complete without it's own joystick!

Happy Birthday Poppy!


Jennifer said...

Okay, that is too cute! You always have the best ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

That is soo freakin' cute!