Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Goods

Wow! I was surprised to see how interested everyone is in my Muffin Tin Monday basket of stuff. Well here you go!

I have two muffin tins that I use. A plain Jane Wilton 6 cup and a 6 cup teddy bear. The teddy bear is from the Muffin Tin Swap.

I sometimes use these cute little cases for non-MTM days. They are both Tupperware, and handy dandy for lunch on the run. I bought them years ago for hubby but he doesn't really like them so they are now designated for Mad's lunches.

I have a few different sets of silicone muffin tin liners including squares, silly feet ones and simple round ones. I also received these adorable mini silicone shapes from the Muffin Tin Swap.

These are some 'spare parts' hehe. The Gourmet Writers are awesome for all sorts of things like hard cheeses, tortillas, toasted bagels, and marshmallows! The cute little cups are also from the Muffin Tin Swap!
This is my current selection of foods picks. Some are from the party supply store, the tiny Pooh Bears and Mickeys are from the Muffin Tin Swap and others are just from the grocery store!

I browse Michael's, AC Moore, iParty, The Christmas Tree Shop and now to find all my goodies!


Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

great goodies! that would be a neat gift for LO's and all!

I'll have to see what our stores have!

Pink & Green Mama said...

Cool!! I'll be packing daily lunches and snacks for first grade in a week and am looking to jazz up my supplies. Thanks for the great ideas : )
BTW, my folks had a great time in Mystic this weekend and thank you again for all of the great suggestions. xoxo MaryLea

Ally said...

Thanks for this post, cant wait to find some goodies to spurce up the lunches here!