Monday, July 27, 2009

Time to C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Madison! Happy Birthday to you!

Our baby girl turned three today, I suppose that really means she isn't a baby anymore but that makes me sad. We are having Mad's big family party next Saturday so today was a small 'princess for the day' celebration with mommy and daddy.

For an extra special wake-up we snuck in her room last night and tied pink and purple balloons to her bed! Our luck though she ended up in our bed last night and had no clue her room was full of balloons! When she woke up this morning we whispered that there was a surprise in her room and a few seconds later we heard "BALLLOOOOOONNNNSSSSS!" from down the hall.

She was pleasantly surprised to find a bejeweled cereal bowl and goblet with matching spoon at the kitchen table when she came down for breakfast. Of course that is the only way for a princess to eat cereal!

I thought it was pretty funny that Maddie needed to eat breakfast before she would open any presents, but once the milk was slurped my living room looked like this.......

And of course what else do you do at 7 in the morning but eat birthday cake! No not really. I was the meanie-mommy that said no cake until after your super special Muffin Tin Monday lunch!
of course the only picture of Maddie smiling with her cake is horribly out of focus!

I am happy Mad loved (and I really mean LOVED) her princess cake because it was a PAIN in the hiney to make. All the directions I found said to bake your cake in a 2 quart bowl. Super I just happen to have one! Well none of those glorious directions tell you Barbie's waist is a good two inches above the cake! So late last night I was trying to pile frosting up around the darling dolls waist to make it look sorta okay. Maddie was thrilled but it was most definitely not my best looking cake!

Now to address the questions lately: those gorgeous photo collages and the super cool Happy Birthday picture were all created at! I LOVE this site and only recently found it but I think it is sooooo worth the moolah. You can use the site with limited access to give it a try and see if you like it!


Our Little Family said...

Happy birthday to your Maddie! What an amazing celebration she got! MY Maddie's birthday was the 9th and she's STILL talking about the balloons that we filled her room with the night before the big day. Ha!

And, that cake looks spectacular!! I've never attempted that one, but it looks like you did an awesome job!!

Myztic said...

happy birthday maddie!

her muffin tin was cute and wow on that cake!!! great job