Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Am Not 13 Anymore

The only thing Maddie wanted to do for her birthday was go roller skating ~ I believe I have Special Agent Oso to thank for that! Of course as the wonderful parents we are we headed to the roller rink this afternoon. Let it be stated:

I am not 13 anymore, and therefore cannot stay upright on roller skates.

These beauties are EVIL!

That being said Maddie had a ball! She did slightly better staying upright than mommy but I had a heck of a time trying to hold her up when I could barely keep myself up!

Daddy and Nanny were awesome though, they carted her around and around and around!

Future Roller Derby Queen? Maybe....

And here is a little sneak peek of tomorrow's festivities. Yes that is a Barbie birthday cake covered in plastic wrap with a spring form pan ring around it! What else could it be?

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Izzie, Mac & Me said...

Did you make the cake??