Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I don't if you have a 'lovey' in the house but Maddie Mae Bear (I know how original) is all important at our house. I can't tell you how many times bedtime has rolled around and she is hiding and we are on the all important quest to find her. Darn it, that cute little bear is gosh darn good at hiding too.

We have tried to be proactive and have a collar on Bear with her name and my cell phone number on but oddly enough that isn't much help when she is hiding under the couch or in a pile of dirty laundry.

When we ask Mad "Where is Bear?" we get the all important answer "she's hiding." Fantastic.

Well bedtime rolled around this evening and Bear was MIA. We searched the house high and low with no luck. Uh oh. Mad and I spent the ENTIRE day shopping so now I am in frantic mode trying to think of the last place I saw her. Was it at the library? What about the Exchange? At 99 when we had lunch? I managed to piece together that yes we did have her at lunch. I didn't want Maddie getting ice cream on Bear so she was next to my purse. Well super.

So I call the restaurant and they say Bear is not hiding there. YIKES. After once again searching the house top to bottom I jump in the car and start driving to the restaurant in hopes that maybe she is laying in the parking lot.

Half way to the restaurant I realize Maddie had her in the backyard this afternoon getting her covered in sidewalk chalk. SCREECH. U-turn back to the house. I slam the car door shut run to the back of the house- yes we are on a race against time now, 30 minutes past bedtime. Low and behold Bear is hiding in the seat of Mad's big wheel.

We have Bear. Repeat. We have Bear.


Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

yea I'm glad you found bear! i'm lucky no lovey!

super cute story

Georgine said...

I am B's lovey. Which is good and bad. Let's just say, like Maddie, B won' go to sleep without her lovey either. Cute photo of Bear

DairyQueen said...

too funny, but it does make me glad that we don't have any non-replacable loveys at our house!

Hey~thanks for grabbing our button and blogging about the swap! We are getting very excited!

I just scrolled through your blog - looks like you and Maddie have a lot of fun together!

Christy said...

I tried to get my children interested in lovies but not one of them ever latched on to the idea. I can imagine how difficult it is to monitor the whereabouts of a bear!

Thanks for grabbing the button and blogging about the swap.