Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our own little forest

Last weekend Walmart had a great sale on all of their Martha Stewart craft kits. I ended up picking up a BUNCH of the puppet kits and one pom-pom kit. I was feeling inspired this morning and we made a forest for our little pom-pom friends.

We ended up using: Martha Stewart pom-pom forest critter kit, glue, green and brown construction paper, a paper towel roll, crayons/markers, scrap cardboard, packing tape, small rocks from the yard, green yarn scraps and a scrap of blue paper.

or everything in the craft cabinet! :)

We first put together the pom-pom kit. I would like to say it was super simple and well thought out...but not so much. The kit says for ages 4 and up so I assisted throughout the activity but Maddie did very well following the directions and piecing together the little critters. Personally I don't think I would purchase anymore kits like this one but I am a big fan of the puppet kits.

Next up Maddie decorated a sheet of brown construction paper for the tree trunk will I drew some leaves on the green paper.

Then with a little glue we had a pretty cute tree! Although it looks a bit more like a palm tree rather than a one found in the forest. Oh well!

After we attached the tree to the scrap piece of cardboard (with plenty of packing tape!) Maddie filled in the rest of the forest. She said we needed some water, which we made with a scrap of blue paper we found in our scrap bin. She also asked to go outside for some rocks. Okay!

Maddie also asked for some grass, unfortunately our Easter grass is buried away for the rest of the year so we used some scraps of green yarn. A little strange looking I admit but it was good enough for Mad so it was good enough for me!

Some butterfly and spider stickers completed the look!

Certainly not the cutest project we have ever done but Maddie had a great time and it took up a good portion of the morning so I say it was a SUCCESS!

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Clemencia said...

I love this idea, how awesome! thanks for sharing :)