Monday, June 29, 2009

Frozen Treasure Hunt

Maddie is a huge fan of I Spy and we end up playing multiple times a day so I thought this would be wonderful outdoor and cool down activity. We ended up working on the frozen block all weekend long which was nice since we had an ongoing project through the whole weekend!

A few weeks ago I froze a bunch of random things like sequins, beads, small plastic animals, shells and corks in a large bowl of water. I did freeze everything in a few layers so I didn't have a bunch of stuff sink to the bottom and then the rest floating at the top!

Once we finally had the sun out this weekend I flipped it into Mad's water table and let her go to town with a toothbrush, small water bottle and the salt shaker. She wasn't overly excited about it on Saturday, and I think its fairly safe to assume that's because she was allowed in the pool that day! So Sunday morning we ended up flipping it into a bigger bowl in the kitchen and Mad and daddy went to town trying to free the elephant!

It took a good five hours to eventually free all the treasures and of course Maddie asked when we could do it again!

I guess it's time to head back to the freezer for next weekend!

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Georgine said...

Cool Idea! I love the photo of your husband and Maddie. THey look like archeologists. Unfortunately, we are no that patient at our house. I would have totally forgotten to keep layering items! Once it goes into the frezzer... out of sight out of mind!