Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm back! I haven't disappeared into cyber-oblivion, I have only been on vacation!

Hubby is back to work on Monday and I'm more than a little sad. We had such a great time these past two weeks, but all good things must come to an end. ahhh....

Today we headed down to Cows and Cones, our local ice creamery and nursery. The goal was to enjoy some super yummy ice cream and get all the veggie plants for the garden.

Ice cream! My white chocolate raspberry ice cream with homemade whipped cream was delish!
Maddie enjoyed some 'pink' ice cream with sprinkles.

Of course Cows and Cones couldn't be with out COWS! And chickens, pigs, sheep, a goat, a bunny and a roaming goose.

Today's visit was made even better by some surprise baby sheep!

Alright the fun must end, time for the dirty work. This lovely empty garden must produce veggies.
Maddie made a new friend while working in the garden today.

Now fingers are crossed that we end up with veggies in a few weeks! I grew up having a giant garden and was so happy when we finally moved to a house where I could plant some veggies. Sadly we don't have that much room so we are pretty limited with what we can plant but we managed two tomato plants, two cucumber plants and two rainbow pepper plants.

And the best part of today....I found these Twilight Sweethearts at the Commissary this morning! I ♥ Edward Cullen!


Letters,Numbers and Books said...

I Heart Jacob Black they were ok funky flavors I loved the orange ones!

go team jacob!!! :)

Michelle said...

We got our veggies planted today too!! Last year I had a lot of success with our cucumbers...Emily loves them so I am hoping for the same outcome this year too!

Letters,Numbers and Books said...

i have the new moon countdown clock on my 2 blogs if your interested:

Kim said...

That looks like the coolest ice cream shop, my daughter would LOVE the cows. Go Edward!