Saturday, April 4, 2009

Baskets overflowing with treats!

I FINALLY finished making all of my Easter treats last night....well at least the ones I needed for this weekend!

I ended up having to drive an hour away to the closest cake supply store in the state for some AmeriColor Edible markers. I have to say though I was rather disappointed, I didn't think they worked much better then my Wilton ones. Oh well!

And here they are!

So the final tally was two giant baskets for church this weekend. Two small baskets and two small boxes for friends and family. Then I froze enough for another big basket for Easter Sunday.

I am DONE least until next weekend!


Michelle said...

They are so cute...I want to try to make some for my nephews and Easter!!

Toni said...

they are the cutest little treats I have ever seen

Georgine said...

Hi Amanda,

I am trying to make these cute little cake bites, and my coating just stinks. Yours look so cute, is there any advice you would share? Do you dip the bites while they are still cold? Do you thin the candy melts? My are just globby. The bites themselves are good, the coating is not. Thanks for any help!